Nigeria: How Customs seize 1,100 guns for port

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Nigeria Customs seize guns for border

Nigeria Custom Service don seize 1,100 pieces of guns wey dem dey call pump action from arms smugglers for Lagos port.

Di Customs Service say di smugglers carry di guns entre di country under pretence say na wash hand basins dem dey import.

Na for Tin Can Island port inside Lagos na im dey seize di contraband on Monday.

Di Comptroller General of Custom, Col. Hameed Ali, talk say, no be only di smugglers dem dey arrest.

Image example Customs no talk who get di gun

Dem go also go after di shipping company wey carry di weapons come, because e no possible say dem no know say di gun dey inside their ship.

He say from now on, "any ship wey carry dis kind contraband enter Nigeria port, we go detain am, if not, we go block dem from di system so dat dem no go fit do business with us," dis na wetin di law say,

All dis one dey happen di same time wey different militant groups dey cause trouble for different parts of Nigeria.

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