Obasanjo on Biafra: Wetin Nigerians dey talk

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'Wetin dem know wey bi Biafra?'

Since former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, tell BBC News Pidgin say Biafra no be answer to di problems of di country, Nigerians don dey react.

Many Nigerians don come on top BBC News Pidgin Facebook page, talk their own. Some agree with di former President and some no agree with am. See wetin dem talk:

Image copyright Facebook
Image copyright Facebook

Di former President talk say many people wey dey say dem one comot Nigeria, na hunger dey make dem talk like that.

"Some people are hungry, some people no get work... di problem be say people are fed up, because wetin dem want dem no get, hunger dey catch dem, family dem no fit take care of," na so di former President talk.

Image copyright Facebook
Image copyright Facebook

Former President Obasanjo dey talk dis one even as di Nigerian Army say dem wan begin fight secessionists for di South East region of Nigeria starting from Friday 15 September until 14 October 2017.

Di Army say dem wan start wetin dem call Operation Python Dance II, to stop "violent agitations by secessionists" and other criminals inside di southeast part of di country.

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