Tanzania: Cockroach business don 'open my life'

About 4500 species of cockroach na im dey

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na about 4500 species of cockroach dey for world

For Tanzania youth wey bi Daniel Rwehura, di business idea wey im don put all im time and money on top na to train and sell cockroach for human being and animal to dey chop.

Mr Rwehura talk say wetin inspire am to begin dey keep plenty-plenty cockroach for business na because cockroach bi good source of protein.

BCC tori person David Nkya follow dis new Cockroach Businessman talk.

Mr Rwehura say: "My idea come from one research wey dey look for opportunities wey people fit find from dustbin. Dirty full Dar es Salaam city well-well, and you go agree with me say, everybody dey see cockroaches as part of di dirty."

Di young man say na so e begin look di cockroach dem: "Na there my mind tell me say e go be better food for human being to chop. Dis project don really open my life, di way I dey think, and e also don put plenty money for my pocket. Now, I dey train people and I dey make money too."

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis na roasted cockroach, and di ingredient wey dem wan take prepare am

Many people believe say cockroaches get nutrient, and dem also get di highest level of protein, wey go help human being and animal.

Mariam Nyamwaira - wey bi nutritionist from Muhimbili National Hospital - explain give BBC why cockroach fit keep person bodi healthy.

"Cockroaches get one special protein. Their protein dey three times rich pass buffalo milk, and five times rich pass cow milk," na wetin she talk.

According to di United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, na about 4500 species of cockroaches dey inside di world, and only 30 of dem na im dey carry dirty with different-different things, while others dey important for living things.

Wetin others feel about cockroach business?

Dis new cockroach business matter get as e bi, to different people.

Elizabeth wey dey Tanzania talk say she no go fit chop cockroach: "I even dey fear am. I fit go get protein from other food like meat and fish."

Another person wey e name na James, tell BBC say: "I don try chop cockroach before. I eat am when I go Thailand for studies. Di taste no dey different from grasshoppers. Wetin make me chop am bi say I dey try their culture."