Ghanaians no need travel for erectile dysfunction treatment

Dr. Samuel Amanaman

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Doctor Samuel Amanamah lead others to do di operation for one 55-year-old man

For di first time for Ghana, surgeons don complete operation to take cure penis problem, wey dey successful.

Dr Samuel Amanamah na sexopathologist - im bi doctor wey dey treat disease wey dey affect sex. Na im lead four other doctors for Kumasi South Hospital to do di penile implant surgery for one 55-year-old man wey get problem with weak penis.

Dis problem dey affect plenty men, and di scientific name for am na erectile dysfunction.

But after dem complete di operation, di man penis don dey work like normal.

Dr Amanamah say di treatment don dey available now to im country people: "Na dream come true for Ghanaians to now get dis treatment."

One study wey dem do for University of Chicago find out say one out of three men wey don pass 50 years get problem with erectile dysfunction. And for men wey dey between age 65 to 85 years, na almost five out of 10 men dis problem dey affect.

Dr Amanamah talk say people suppose see erectile dysfunction like any other disease and dem suppose find treatment for am, but make people consider operation only after dem don try all di other method.

Di other members of di team wey follow do dis surgery na Dr (Mrs) Beatrice Wiafe Addai, Mr Kofi Owusu Gyimah and Madam Esther Antwi.