Smugglers dey turn Rhino horn to jewellery

Jewellery wey dem take rhino horn do

Wia dis foto come from, Wildlife Justice Commission

Criminals dey take Rhino horn wey dem wan smuggle comot from Africa, to do jewellery so dem no go enter airport wahala.

Traffic, wey be organisation wey dey monitor wildlife trade, talk say dem don notice "emerging trend" of people wey dey make powder, bead, bracelet and bangles from rhino horn so dem go fit smuggle dem comot.

Their lead investigator follow BBC News talk say di Rhino trade don dey turn into market for very expensive goods.

Julian Rademeyer from Traffic explain say di production of Rhino horn jewellery wan be like di kind thing wey dey happen for ivory trade.

Wia dis foto come from, Traffi

Wetin we call dis foto,

E reach like 7,100 Rhino wey dem don kill for Africa since 2007

"E dey very worrying," im tell BBC News. "Because if person waka inside airport with necklace wey dem take Rhino horn do, who go stop am?"

But di way wey Susie Offord-Woolley, wey bi managing director for Save the Rhino International, see am bi say, na good sign say di criminal people dey turn Rhino horn into jewellery because e show say dem dey fear say dem fit catch dem.

According to her organisation, if dem continue to dey kill Rhino as dem dey do now, di animal no go dey again by 2027. She also say "For di last 10 years, dem don kill one thousand rangers wey dey protect Rhino for Africa"

"So dis matter affect people live too"