Nigeria, give us human right - Albinos

A man with albinism
Wetin we call dis foto,

Tori be say for some African countries, bad people dey kill albinos for different reasons

Albinos for Nigeria don say dem wan make government begin dey put eye more for their matter, dey give dem their full rights as human being.

Today, di Albino Foundation launch one project wey dem call: "Albinism Rights Project," wey dem wan use to enforce and protect di rights of albino people for Nigeria.

Albinism na when melanin no dey at all, or e no too dey for person skin, hair and eyes. Melanin na wetin dey give people colour for bodi.

BBC tori person Ishaq Khalid wey dey di launch say di project wan try teach people, including albinos demself, about wetin albinism be.

Mr Khalid say: "dem bin deny one man chance to join police, even after im do all di training. At di end of di day, dem no give am di work. Di man talk say dis na because e be albino."

For di Albino Foundation website, dem talk say "albino people dey face palava wey no dey allow dem dey too free to dey flow with other people for world... Nigeria no get laws and guidelines on how albino fit enjoy human rights."

Where dem don attack Albino for Africa?


Di United Nations say bad people don kill around 80 albinos for Tanzania since di year 2000. Dis na because many native doctor for Tanzania claim say albino dey bring money; dat word na lie.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Salum Khalfan Barwany na di first albino lawmaker for Tanzania


For 2015, one woman, Femia Tchulani, talk say she escape kidnap; people bin wan kidnap her because she bi albino - dem for use her do juju, before police come protect her for area.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Ms Tchulani say she still dey get bad dreams about wetin happen


On 27 July 2017, police for Mozambique say suspected ritualists kill two pickin wey be albino. Di pickin dem wey die na six-year-old boy and one girl, wey be 13 years old.