Nigeria: Army go comot Abia State from Friday

Nigerian Army

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Nigeria Army say dem go investigate video wey show soldier dey beat people

Nigeria military forces go begin move out of di south-eastern state of Abia, after tori of plenty fight-fight between soldiers and civilians don full ground.

Breaking tori be say governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state don announce say dem go begin remove di soldiers from di area small-small, from tomorrow wey be 15 September.

Di soldiers bin dey do Operation Python Dance 2 for di region.

Nigeria army don deny say dem kill members of one secessionist group wey bi di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), as video wey we never fit confirm don dey all over social media.

Secessionists na people wey wan break away, form their own country.

Di ones from IPOB wan create their own independent country for south-east Nigeria.

For inside di video wey BBC News Pidgin tori people still dey try to verify, people wey wear Army uniform dey flog some men; dem put dem inside dirty water, and at least one person dey di video wey blood cover im bodi.

BBC tori person, Ishaq Khalid talk to Brigadier General Sani Usman, wey bi di spokesman for Nigerian army - e say soldiers enter di region not to face di l IPOB people, but to stop kidnappers.

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‘I look like policeman?’

Brigadier General Usman say, "unfortunately people no get di reason for dis exercise, as dem think say na to target one ethnic group or group of person. E no true. We bi professional soldiers and di incident wey happen di other day for Umuahia, e just be say our soldiers dey do show of force, wey dey normal."

Tori don full ground since say military and di secessionist people don dey fight for Abia State.

Di IPOB people dem don accuse di military say dem kill plenty of their members, and soldiers don begin surround di house of their leader wey bi Nnamdi Kanu.

But Brigadier General Usman deny am quick-quick.

"Where di evidence? No one dey at all. And if we surround somebody house, so why e come outside to follow tori people talk? Dis na wetin I dey talk about of rumour mongering and dem say, dem say."

Di soldier still say nothing wrong with di Operation Python Dance 2 wey di Army dey run.

"As I dey talk to you, 81 division dey prepare for another exercise 'Crocodile smile' wey go cover di south-south and some part of south-western part of di country," na wetin im tell BBC.

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Secessionists and Nigeria Army don dey get fight-fight for south-east Nigeria

Na on Monday 11 September na im Kanu, leader of IPOB, talk say im dey drag Nigeria Army go court.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor wey bi Kanu lawyer tell BBC News Pidgin say Nigeria Army go see demself inside court with case to answer.

Dis na after Nigeria Army don deny report say dem go invade Mr Kanu house for Umuahia.

"Di next thing bi say we go file action against di Army in di Federal High Court because we get evidence," na so Ejiofor talk.

As dis whole trouble dey go on, Abia state government don extend curfew for di state by one day, to Friday 15 September.