Youths na di key to make Africa health better - Report

Nurse wey dey prepare injection.

Wia dis foto come from, Science Photo Library

Wetin we call dis foto,

Sub-Saharan countries no dey spend reach 3% of their GDP on top health matter.

Some medical sabi-people don say e dey possible for Africa health sector to good like developed countries dem own.

Di experts say na young people go be di secret wey go make sure say healthcare for Africa dey better, and e remain better.

Na for di African Population and Health Research Centre for Nairobi dem launch di report wey talk all dis one.

Di report still get warning; dem say Africa get serious risk of some sicknesses dem wey smoking fit cause.

World Health Organisation say smoking fit make people begin get respiratory sickness and addiction to nicotine. Smokers fit also get sickness with their lungs pass people wey never smoke before.

As di youth population for Africa fit reach 450 million by 2050, na young people go need to change di kind life wey dem dey live, so dat dem go fit dey healthy.

Tori for di report still say mobile technology na another important method wey Africa fit use to build her healthcare sector, make e strong.

For countries like Ghana, mPedigree na new mobile app wey dem make, to help people to dey identify fake medicine when dem see am.

Di report also warn say any small reduction for di money wey Africa dey get from international organisations, go make people begin sick anyhow.

Plenty nations for sub-Saharan Africa no dey spend reach 3% of their Gross Domestic Product on top health matter, compared to wetin other developed countries dey spend.

Gross Domestic Product na di value of all di goods and services wey one country produce over a period of time (like one year); e no dey add money dem wey dey come into di country, from abroad.