Nigeria: Resident doctors suspend strike based on 'trust'

Empty hospital ward

Wia dis foto come from, Bryan Christensen

Wetin we call dis foto,

Resident doctors for Nigeria never go work since 4 September

Di National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) for Nigeria don tell BBC News Pidgin why dem suspend their strike, on Thursday.

Dem take dis decision after dem hold meeting with di federal government team.

NARD begin strike on 4 September to protest against wetin dem call poor welfare of doctors, and dem demand for better work conditions. Dem say government dey owe salaries, plus pension and other issues.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na Resident doctors plenty pass for government hospital and na dem dey treat patients

Di doctors bin tell di Nigerian government after their meeting on 6 September, say dem go only suspend di strike after their members get credit alert from their banks.

Dis one mean say di doctors bin wan begin see payments of part of their salary wey government dey owe dem first.

But President of di Association of Resident Doctors for Lagos University Teaching Hospital wey be Dr Adebayo Sekumade tell BBC News Pidgin say dem stop di strike for now, even though na only some members and not all na im don receive payment of their salary arrears.

'"Federal government don assure us say everybodi go get their money. We don call off di strike based on trust; we hope say dem no go abuse am," na wetin im talk.

For other things like pension, Dr Sekumade still say federal government promise to release document wey go settle dat one, and doctors dey "hope say dem go keep to their words."

Di strike by doctors last for ten days, and e affect public hospitals across Nigeria. But other doctors wey no be part of di NARD fill in di gap during dat period to try help patients, so dat people no go too suffer.