Nigeria: Why dem call am Operation Python Dance II?

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Operation Python Dance ll na di code name Nigeria Army don give di latest military operation for South-East Nigeria.

Nigeria military don talk say di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) na terrorist group because dem dey do violence.

But why Operation Python Dance II? Python dey dance? E don dance before?

Why this kain code name?

Ok, Make we put am for reverse gear together and enter history small.

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Image example Na former Great British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, do di rule wey military suppose follow to give operations name.

First of all, code name for military operations na something generals all over di world dey use when dem don ready to mobilise soldiers go battle.

Na for World War One di thing first start but na for World War Two e come popular well-well.

One of di reasons na because e go quick and easy for soldiers, media and ordinary civilians to remember and use.

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Image example Nigeria Navy sailors dey patrol for Niger Delta creeks

Military code names suppose get these rules:

  1. Di name no suppose expose di work di operation wan do.
  2. Di name suppose sharp so people go remember am.
  3. Code names wey get Roman and Greek names good well-well.
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Image example Nigeria Army launch Operation Python II after President Muhammadu Buhari return from London where im go treat himself

Since Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari enter government for 2015, some of the code names di military don use for their operations be this:

1. Operation Iron Fence

This na di operation di military start for South-East to fight armed robbers, hooligans and kidnappers.

2. Crocodile Smile I

This na South-South operation wey military use for August 2015 to stop things like oil bunkering and Niger Delta militants.

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Image example Nigeria sailor dey investigate illegal refineries for creek for Niger Delta

3. Python Dance I

Python don dance before for South-East. That time, di operation na for Anambra state. Dem do am to fight robbery, kidnapping, cultism and di operation last for one month.

4. Operation Crackdown

This na North-East operation wey Nigeria Army use to clear Boko Haram fighters for Sambisa Forest.

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Image example Nigeria Army camp for North-East Nigeria

5. Operation Tsare Teku

This Nigerian Navy operation happen for Niger-Delta region, South-South Nigeria to fight pirates wey be thief for sea.

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