London Tube: Police don catch one man for di bombing

Parsons Green tube station Image copyright PA
Image example Police don talk to 45 people wey witness di explosion and dem don collect 77 photo and videos from people

Police for United Kingdom don hold one man for Dover because of di bombing wey happen for inside Parsons Green railway station for London on Friday.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Neil Basu, say dem don carry di 18-year-old man go police station dis Saturday.

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Image example Police say di terror threat go remain for at 'critical' level

Im say di arrest dey very important even though di terror level wey dem raise go still remain for critical.

Na thirty people wey injure when di explosion happen for Parsons Green railway station.

Three people still dey hospital dey receive treatment and others get small-small wound when di explosion happen.

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Mr Basu say make people shine their eye well-well because police no ready to change di extra security wey dem don add for di area.

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