Nigeria: 'Army no get right to declare IPOB terrorist group' - Lawyer

Hundreds of Biafra supporters wey dey wave flags for Aba, November 2015

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Hundreds of Biafra supporters for Aba, November 2015

As di Nigerian Army don talk say dem go dey treat di Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB group as terrorist organisation, one lawyer don come out talk say di army no get that kain right.

Faruq Abbas, wey bi lawyer, tell BBC News Pidgin's Abdulmalik Fahd Abdulmalik say na only court fit decide whether di group be terrorist or not.

Di army and IPOB supporters put leg inside one trouser since after dem launch Operation Python Dance II.

Army don accuse di group say dem dey cause plenty wahala for people for South-East of di country as dem put road block, use weapons like bottles, cutlass and other things to cause wahala.

IPOB say na lie, say na soldiers dey beat and harass their people anyhow.

Na so army come declare say dem go treat Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist group.

But Abbas say di army suppose first carry di matter go court, instead of di way wey dem take announce say IPOB be terrorist.

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'No be by gun dem dey form terrorist'

Di Terrorism Prevention Act wey Nigeria do for 2011 plus di Amendment Act for 2013 talk say na di Attorney-General, National Security Adviser or di Inspector-General of Police suppose carry di matter go court, after dem don get approval from di president.

Di court go come look am, come call di people wey dem dey accuse say dem be terrorist make dem come defend dem self for court.

But as e be so, IPOB no get chance to defend dem self whether dem be terrorist or not.

Abbas say di army use one area for di law wey give security agency power to do anything dem fit do to fight terrorism for di country. E be like say na that law dem come use to declare IPOB terrorist.

"And that kain thing no good because e mean say di army fit just declare any group terrorist". Na so Abbas talk.

Im say as e be so, if dem carry di matter enter court, di army fit lose because dem no follow di law as dem suppose to.

Di lawyer think say if to say di army carry di matter go court as dem suppose do, court go gree with them say true-true, IPOB be terrorist group.

"Because, na true say IPOB be terrorist group. No be until you carry gun kill person before you become terrorist. Di way IPOB people dey harass people, say make people no comot vote for election, mean say dem be terrorist.