BBC don launch new services for Horn of Africa

BBC journalists dey look di new website
Wetin we call dis foto,

Plenty people don already dey chook eye for di new websites

BBC World Service no dey carry last! Di one wey dem don do, no do dem, as dem done launch three brand new websites for Ethiopia and Eritrea.

BBC Pidgin launch for August 21 and now dem don launch three new services for di Horn of Africa as part of one big expansion wey we never see since di 1940s.

Di languages wey dem go use na Amharic, Afaan Oromo and Tigrinya.

Dem dey plan say very soon in a few months, dem go follow am with radio programmes for di same languages.

BBC Editor, Will Ross, say these new sites go be "source of truth" for area wey no too get independent media like that.

All these expansion na because say government for United Kingdom announce for 2015 say dem go give World Service money to take grow business reach areas wey dem wan reach well-well, like Africa and Asia.

Ross, wey be oga for di new services, talk say "We know say people for Ethiopia and Eritrea dey hungry for better programmes for Amharic, Afaan Oromo and Tigrinya.

Na 1993 Eritrea get independence and comot from Ethiopia after 30 years of fight-fight.

E reach like 80,000 people wey die for di fighting wey happen from 1998 to 2000 when dem fight on top border.

Ross say because say people plenty well-well for di two countries - dem reach like 100 million - im sure say plenty good things fit comot for di new services and even social media go dey important as to how dem go reach di people wey dem wan reach.

"People sef dey wey dey live for outside Africa wey still wan know wetin dey happen. Di political palava wey happen for di two countries don make plenty of these people come out to talk their mind.

"If you wan follow tori to know wetin dey happen for Ethiopia, you get two choice - di one from tori people wey dey support government or di one from tori people wey base for outside their country, wey no like government at all"

Di Afaan Oromo Facebook don already catch fire with 30,000 likes after only three days.

But internet no too dey for di two countries so e good as BBC World Service dey plan to do radio programmes for Ethiopians and Eritreans.

For Nigeria, BBC don launch Pidgin Service and dem go still launch Igbo and Yoruba services very soon.

African languages:

  • Afaan Oromo: Na di language wey di biggest ethnic group for Ethiopia dey speak
  • Amharic: Na official language for Ethiopia
  • Tigrinya: Na di language wey people for Eritrea dey use pass, plus Arabic. Dem dey speak am for Ethiopia too
  • Igbo: Na di language of di people for South-East Nigeria. Dem dey speak am for Equatorial Guinea
  • Yoruba: Na language wey dem speak for South-Western Nigeria plus other areas for West Africa like Benin and Togo
  • Pidgin: Na one version of English wey dem dey talk well-well for Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea