UN General Assembly: 5 things Africa want

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Image example US President, Donald Trump, don bad mouth UN plenty times before

Di UN General Assembly meeting don start for inside New York on September 19. Dem don talk say di main thing wey dem wan talk about na "Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet."

Issues plenty for ground for di leaders wey go attend to discuss - di flooding wey dey affect people, North Korea nuclear test, wahala for inside Myanmar and even how di USA go continue to partner with di United Nations.

Dis na also di first meeting wey US President, Donald Trump, dey attend. Emmanuel Macron of France too dey mark register as newcomer for di General Assembly.

But, wetin be Africa own for dis meeting?

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Image example Plenty girls wey Boko Haram carry run go still never return even though Nigeria government don manage release some of them


For President Muhammadu Buhari one of di matter wey im dey talk na how di world go help Nigeria for Boko Haram matter.

Another thing wey dey im mind to talk na di matter of how Nigeria fit collect money wey corrupt people thief carry go keep for another country.

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Image example Malawi President wan look di matter of how people dey do sexual abuse in exchange for food


President Arthur Peter Mutharika dey plan to drop im opinion on di matter of sexual abuse on behalf of Malawi. Im wan also talk about human trafficking with other world leaders.

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Image example President Paul Biya wan open mouth talk about di recent wahala wey people wey dey speak English for Cameroon dey complain.


President Paul Biya and di team of people wey e carry follow body go talk about how di world fit help them fight against terrorism, management of refugees wey dey enter di country, climate change, how their money matter dey and di Anglophone crisis wey dey happen for di south of di country.

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Image example UN warn for April say serious famine dey come for people wey dey suffer all di fight wey dey happen for Africa, including South Sudan

South Sudan

September 21 go be special day around South Sudan. Na di African Union and di eastern and central African bloc IGAD go organize di meeting.

The matter for discussion na di famine wey dey ground and how one million people don run enter Uganda.

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Image example Burundi palava don dey come and go now for almost 40 years.


Burundi also get special space for wetin dem plan discuss for di UN meeting. Reports don dey enter ear say for Burundi, dem no dey respect human rights.

For di meeting, dem go decide whether dem go take di advise of people wey sabi for UN make dem investigate senior people for Burundi government for 'crimes against humanity.'

Remember say na from Burundi, the students wey disappear for robotics competition for Washington from come.

Topics Wey Dem Resemble

Another thing we de for inside dis tori