DR Congo people protest over expensive passport

Lexxus Legal Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Lexxus Legal na musician wey follow dey protest say passport document dey too expensive

Police arrest 26 people wey follow dey protest because dem feel say to get new travelling passport for Democratic Republic of Congo don dey too expensive.

Among people wey dem arrest na rapper, Lexxus Legal, and some tori people; but dem later release all of dem, except one person.

Di government say from next month di country people go begin use biometric passport because e go help improve security.

But di passport expensive sotay na di most expensive one for world now.

Na $185 person go need to pay to get one DR Congo passport.

Tori for news agencies dem be say for April, na $60 out of dis $185 wey people dey pay na im dey enter one company wey dem register for United Arab Emirate.

Tori people dem believe say di owner of dis company na relative of di country president, Joseph Kabila.

But full confirmation never dey ground about dat side of di matter, for now.