Lemma Guya top five paintings

Lemma Guya na tight Ethiopian artist wey come from di Oromia region. Im work don carry am waka around di world.

Guya no be di only creative person for im family. Im two younger brothers Tullu Guya and Asseffa Guya na also painters. Four of im five children na also artists - im daughter Netsanet Lema - dey tight for her own corner.

Here na five of im top personal works wey im like and wetin dem mean to am. Na BBC Habtamu Tibebu carry di tori.


Dis one na 42 years ago for 1975 im paint am. Na about corruption and how leaders dey misuse better things wey Africa get. Di black cat na to represent African leaders, as dem dey grab resources - dis case na meat- for dia personal use. Under di bed, rats dey eat corn while di leaders dey too busy to notice dem. Di milk wey pour represent African rivers, wey just dey flow without profit for years.


Dis picture na 'Harme Oromiya,' wey mean "Mother Oromiya". E represent many important parts of di Oromia culture and tradition like religious tolerance, di thanksgiving festival for Irrecha - wey people know well well - plus di rich natural resources and how people dey live dia life everyday. Di high ground wey di girl stand on top na for di Oromos prayer "make God carry us up or make God make us prosper". Her white hanki dey represent freedom, while di red design for her dress dey represent sacrifice wey di people of Oromiya don pay.


Dis picture show Odaa - di tree wey represent Oromo identity where dem dey hold important talk and cultural events. E also show wetin dey inside di culture including di Irrecha thanksgiving.

Hadha Nabso, wey be elder wey hold di tree for her right hand, live for Bishoftu till 1996 and die when she dey 120 years old.


Dis picture dey show di environment and how people wey dey for village dey live dia life everyday, for where di artist grow up.

E also show di importance of agriculture both for rural and urban areas for Oromia.


Dis na photo from up of Lake Bishoftu. Lemma say di skills wey im gather as im be member of di country air force nai help am paint di picture. Di picture show every corner of di lake wey dey hard to show for photo wey camera go snap.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori