Top 5 yabis wey Trump and North Korea don yab each other

US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea

Di 72nd United Nations General Assembly just finish for New York. Na di first time Donald Trump go show as US president and plenty people been dey wait to hear wetin im go talk.

Im talk plenty.

But di one wey no comot people mind pass na di name im call leader of North Korea..."Rocketman".

Trump and North Korea don get plenty bad mouth wey dem don take fire each other for di short time wey di American businessman don enter White House.

Dis na 5 top yabis wey Trump and North Korea don yab themselves.

Image example Trump talk dis one for im first UN General Assembly speech on September 17, 2017
Image example North Korea Foreign Affairs Minister Ri Yong-ho fire back after im hear Trump speech
Image example Trump no dey cover mouth talk when e reach North Korea matter.
Image example North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un no too dey appear for TV like that but, after wetin Trump talk, na for inside TV we see am sharp-sharp
Image example Some people believe say all dis pepper dem talk wey Trump and Kim Jong-un dey do fit cause palava

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