5 things wey African leaders carry comot from Trump

African leaders at lunch with President Trump Image copyright Nigeria Presidency
Image example Countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya and Rwanda no follow for di lunch meeting with Trump.

Leaders of Cote d'Ivoire , Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda attend lunch meeting with President Trump for United Nations General Assembly event wey dey happen for New York, United States.

Na normal thing say different countries go come together, do small-small separate meetings with different people as di General Assembly dey progress.

Just like every other person wey show for New York, African leaders get dia own agenda wey dem carry go and each country go want something dem go fit bring back come tell dia people say 'see wetin I bring come'.

So, wetin be di tins wey dem fit get from di meeting wey dem do with President Trump?

1. ''Africa get plenty business potential, I get many friends wey dey go una country to make money. I congratulate una.''

President Donald Trump talk dis one give di Africa leaders wey attend di meeting.

Im say Africa don ripe with plenty opportunities for business so American companies and im 'friends' too don see am as place where dem ready to spend money and make money too.

2. Agriculture, Energy, Transport and Tourism dey agenda

Still on di investment matter, as many countries dey look to invest for Africa. Trump talk say US government too dey chook eye inside different industries for Africa like Agriculture, energy, transportation, healthcare, travel and tourism to invest and help transform lives for di continent. In fact, im talk say US Secretary Rex Tillerson and di US Millennium Challenge Corporation dey already consider how dem fit do business wey go reach hundreds of millions of dollars for Cote d'Ivoire wey don arrange their economy well-well.

Image copyright Nigeria Presidency
Image example President Trump say e sweet am for belle say im meet di African leaders

3. Scratch my back, I scratch your own too.

Okay so no be only America suppose invest. Trump want make African companies too see how dem too go invest to benefit American people, like South African company Sasol wey dey build $9 billion petrochemical plant for Louisiana for America.

4. Health matter dey important

Okay so a healthy nation na wealthy one. Trump talk say US go continue their partnership wey cover health issues. President Trump talk say im Health and Human Services Secretary go travel round Africa to promote US global 'Health Security Agenda'. Im raise hand give countries like Uganda for di progress dem make with HIV/AIDS, Guinea and how Nigeria take fight Ebola and also 'Nambia', wey get better health system

Image copyright Nigerian Presidency
Image example Trump wan give support to countries wey dey fight terrorist groups like Boko Haram for Nigeria.

5. All dis wan go matter if peace no dey?

As ISIS, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, and al Qaeda dey worry Africa

US talk say dem go partner with countries for Africa and African Union to stop violence, terrorism and provide help to di people.

Countries like the Central African Republic, the Congo, Libya, Mali, Somalia, and South Sudan, wey fight-fight and plenty palava dey and West African countries like Nigeria wey dey battle Boko Haram go enjoy di partnership.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori