Health workers for Nigeria don start strike

Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Nigeria
Image example E never too tey wey Resident Doctors suspend dia own strike

Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) for Nigeria don begin strike today.

Dis JOHESU na health union and people wey dey inside na:

  • Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities and Associated Institutions (NASU)
  • Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (MHWU)
  • Senior Staff Association of Research Institutes and Associated Institution (SSARIAI)
  • Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP)
  • National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM).

National chairman of JOHESU Josiah Biobelemoye tell BBC News Pidgin say government don fail to keep dia agreement with dem so dem no get choice but to stop work.

''Di last time when we strike na for 2014, di 2015 own we suspend am. 2016 we give 7 days warning, we never strike for about one year now despite say government never gree answer us.''

According to Mr Biobelemoye, some of di things wey dey table wey government never gree answer dem on top na adjustment of di current salary structure, issue of skipping wey court don already rule for dia favour and say federal government dey always disobey court orders when im reach dia matter.

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Im also complain say government too dey discriminate between doctors and health workers, say when im reach doctors dem dey answer dem well-well but dem no dey gree give health workers ear fast fast.

Di strike start on Thursday 21 September and na only health workers for federal hospitals join di strike. But dat wan fit change soon.

''We go first do 15 days warning strike, den if dem no answer us by on di 28th of dis month we go ask our colleagues wey dey state and local government hospitals to stop work too.'' Mr Biobelemoye talk.

Im talk say dem no like strike and dem don dey very patient since with government despite say government dey do dem anyhow .

Meanwhile worry dey about how dis strike go affect people because unions of nurses, laboratory scientists, physiotherapists and others wey make up 95% of di health industry go follow join dis strike.

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