Guinea-Bissau: Third of civil servants fit be ghost worker

Jose Mario Vaz, President of Guinea-Bissau Image copyright AFP
Image example Jose Mario Vaz, President of Guinea-Bissau

Authorities for Guinea-Bissau don block September salary payment, because dem feel say nearly one out of three civil servants fit be ghost workers.

"After di team for my department check, we find out say 4,000 bogus workers, wey no get di correct documentation, don receive one and sometimes even two set of salary," na wetin Finance Minister, Alhaji Joao Amadu Fadia, tell AFP.

Mr Fadia say dem suppose pay September salaries on Monday 18 September, but dem block am until di ministry review everything.

Tori be say some real workers dey, wey dia salary also dey on hold.

Fatima Camara, wey bi journalist for di public radio station, tell AFP: "I never get my salary and nobody explain anything give me, from my bank or finance ministry."

Ghost workers dey different countries

No be only Guinea-Bissau dey face dis kind problem; Tanzania remove more than 10,000 "ghost workers" from their civil service pay roll sef for May 2016.

Government bin don dey make payments to dis fake employees, and di thing dey cost more than $2m every month, according to di prime minister's office.

Dat time, authorities for Tanzania say dem go continue to check their salary list, and dem expect to find more ghost workers.

Dat same year, for February 2016 na im Nigeria government remove nearly 24,000 workers from di list of those wey dem suppose pay salary, after audit show say these names no belong to real people.

Di country Finance Ministry say dat one don save di country around $11.5m every month.

For East Africa, na for September 2014 na im Kenya government order investigation, after more than 12,000 fake names on top the list of those wey dem dey pay salary.

Dem discover dis ghost workers after authorities start to take machine register all civil servants.

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