Uganda: Bill to extend Museveni rule don suffer delay

Uganda president Museveni Image copyright EPA
Image example Opposition party believe say Mr Museveni old pass di age wey im talk

Ugandan authorities don postpone Bill wey for extend President Yoweri Museveni time for office, after protesters enter street again dis afternoon, begin face police wey fire teargas.

Na Parliament Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, tell lawmakers say di legislation wey dem suppose introduce today dey "bring tension" and e go better make dem handle am on another date, wey im no name.

Activists, campaign groups, religious leaders and even some people wey dey Museveni own ruling party no agree with di chnage wey dem wan make to di constitution, dem say e dey undemocratic.

As protests dey go on, police spokesman Asan Kasingye say: "we no go allow anybody do protest marches. Di teargas na to stop all dat one."

Local media say Uganda police don arrest di Lord Mayor of di country capital wey bi Kampala, come ransack di office of one NGO all because of di protest wey dem dey plan to do on top dis age limit matter.

Erias Lukwago, di Lord Mayor for Kampala dey police custody because according to police, dem bin get information say na im go lead protest.

Police say dem find T-shirts wey dem write "anti-age limits" for inside Lukwago office for City Hall.

Di police no stop there; dem also go ransack some NGO offices, including local and international one like ActionAid.

Na plenty palava dey follow di plan of Uganda Members of Parliament (MP) to remove age limit for presidential candidates.

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Image example Students for Makerere University clash with police as dem dey protest

Students from Makerere University wey dey Kampala bin wan enter road, do protest but according to New Vision newspaper, police dey di campus.

One student dey ask for vidoe wey dey online: "na for how long dem go remain leaders of tommorow?"

Tension full di country as military police dey patrol everywhere; before lawmakers fit do their meeting today, Anti-terror police surround di parliament building.

Dem even dey search di MPs dem before dem enter di parliament.

Meanwhile, if di change to di constitution succeed, then President Yoweri Museveni go fit contest for another election for 2021.

Mr Museveni don be Uganda president since di 1980s.

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