Libya: 8 people die as boat capsize

dem almost drown inside wata. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis migrants dem end up inside water, as dem try to enter Italy inside boat wey dem make with wood

Eight people don die inside water for coast wey dey inside Zuwara, Libya.

Di rubber boat for Zuwara pack reach 100 people and tori be say most of dem na from Sub-Saharan Africa.

BBC tori person for North Africa wey be Rana Jawad say fuel finish for di boat after dem don leave land on Friday.

Dis coastline dey very popular for migrants; dem be people wey leave dia country wan enter European countries dem.

Usually dem dey leave dia country for different reasons including money matter, or because dem be refugees, or dem dey look for asylum wey be say dem run from war and fight-fight.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Many of migrants na from Africa dem come

People wey witness di disaster say after di fuel finish, di boat remain on top of water for some days, before e capsize, tumble enter water.

One member of Zuwara Municipality Crises committee say people wey survive reach 35, and some of dem don dey hospital. Dem bin find eight dead bodi but di remaining people still dey miss.

Talk-talk person for Libya Navy say all di people wey survive na mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa but e no sure of di particular countries wey dem from come.

Although e dey very dangerous to do dis kind journey, for different reasons, people still dey travel inside water.

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