Kenya: Court decision na coup - Kenyatta

Kenyatta dey give speech after dem announce say im don win election
Image example Kenyatta dey give speech after dem announce say im don win election

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta don come out to talk wetin di country's Supreme Court do, when dem cancel August presidential election wey im win, say na nothing but coup.

Kenyatta go on top television talk dis one for local Kiswahili language.

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Image example For their judgement, di Supreme Court judges say electoral body IEBC deliberately do mago-mago for di result

Supreme court don order say make dem do di election again for October 26.

Di court's decision na di first time wey any court for Africa cancel di election of a president.

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Image example For August, IEBC announce say Kenyatta win presidential election with over 50% vote

Kenyatta say wetin court dey try talk be say di millions of people wey vote for di election no matter.

But leader of opposition party, NASA, and Kenyatta rival for di election, Raila Odinga, don talk say dem must change everything for Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) before di new election fit happen. Im say make dem remove di people and computer systems wey dem use for di election wey dem cancel otherwise, im hand no dey there.

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Image example Na opposition leader Odinga first carry di matter go court after IEBC release results wey show say im lose di election

Kenyatta say im ready to follow wetin di Supreme Court judges talk but make dem know say dem don override di decision of di people.

"We don reverse everything for dis country because of wetin few people talk. I no know how history go judge these gentlemen. "Dem don tell di citizens say dem no get voice for di matter...If that one no be dictatorship, then I no know wetin i fit talk." Na wetin Kenyatta talk.

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