Why people dey vex for Togo and Uganda?

Protesters for street of Togo Image copyright COREY SIPKIN/Getty Images
Image example People for Togo dey protest because di Gnassingbe family don rule for 50 years

Thousands of people enter street dis week for Lome, di Togo capital; some dey support di President, Faure Gnassingbe, but many dey against am.

Dis protest start for August because of presidential term limits.

Di opposition want make di President step down immediately, and make im no contest again for 2020.

Mr Gnassingbe don dey power since 2005. Im take over from im Papa wey be Gnassingbe Eyadema. Dat one get power through coup, come rule for 38 years, before im die.

Opposition leader Jean-Pierre Fabre don talk say dem no go stop till dem get wetin dem want.

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Image example President Museveni don dey power for over 30 years for Uganda

No be for only Togo

For Uganda people too dey vex for there.

Lawmakers postpone Bill wey go extend Yoweri Museveni rule, after protesters including young people enter street on Thursday 22 September, face police wey even fire dem teargas.

Di Bill wan remove rule wey ban any person wey pass 75 years from running for president. Museveni na 73 years, and e no go fit re-contest unless di Bill change.

Many people no want make dem change di constitution to allow dis one to happen, because Museveni don already dey power for more than 30 years now.

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Image example President Kagame don dey rule Rwanda since 2000

Like Togo, like Uganda, like other African countries

Di same presidential age limit palava don also come up for Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

For 2015, dem do referendum for Rwanda wey allow President Paul Kagame to run again for 2017, as di constitution that time no allow am do more than two terms.

Togo: Why people no want Faure Gnassingbé

Di result of di referendum mean say Paul Kagame fit stay power till 2034.

Human rights people and developed countries dey criticize di wey leaders for Africa dey wan change rules so dem go fit stay power for long time.

Tori be say dis na why many ordinary people dey vex, enter street to talk their mind.

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