Cameroon: Explosion for protests while President Biya dey UNGA

south Cameroon people gather
Image example Plenty men and women still dey come out, even though government don try to stop di protests

Explosion don happen for Douala wey dey for inside Cameroon as protest dey go on for di English-speaking regions for di country.

Report say di explosion happen near one fuel depot.

People for southern Cameroon bin don enter road for di two English speaking region of di country; dem dey ask government to release activists wey dem arrest.

Di people say government hold dis activists for di capital Yaoundé, wey dey for di French speaking area of Cameroon.

Tori be say those wey dey protest dey blow whistle, sing freedom song and dem also dey fly di flag of Ambazonia independent southern Cameroon.

One explosion don been happen for Bamenda, capital and e wound three police officers.

Image example Di protesters dey face President Paul Biya

Di protesters purposely put di date for di protest to jam with di day wey President, Paul Biya, go present im address for UN General Assembly.

No be only for inside Cameroon dis protest dey happen. Cameroon people wey dey overseas sef gather for UN to protest.

Dem dey expect say Mr Biya go talk about di palava wey make schools and courts no work for almost one year for di Anglophone region.

Anglophone region na di part of di country wey di people dey speak English as dia official language.

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