Bill Gates: 'Nigeria dey important'

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World richest man Bill Gates don talk with BBC news Pidgin!

World richest man, Bill Gates, don talk say Nigeria na one of di main places where im don dey put eye since.

Mr Gates tell dis one to BBC News Pidgin.

Im talk say Nigeria dey very "important" for di world and for di kain work wey im Foundation dey do because of di country population.

Mr Gates still tell BBC News Pidgin say di health situation for Northern Nigeria dey very challenging.

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Image example After im give away 64 million shares for im company Microsoft, Bill Gates remain as di world richest person

He talk on top different matter wey concern Nigeria.

Im talk about how im organisation, Gates Foundation, dey help try reduce number of mama and pickin dem wey dey die for di country.

Mr Gates no dey work alone; e talk say im dey work with government dem and NGOs plus people, including Africa's richest man wey be Aliko Dangote.

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