Ghana don win oil case against Ivory Coast

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Image example Ghana first start to pump oil for sale for 2007, but dis dancers dey happy for ceremony to mark Ghana am

United Nations tribunal don judge case wey Ghana and Ivory Coast dey drag since almost ten years now, on top oil fields wey dey for Atlantic Ocean.

Na for Hamburg, Germany na im di International Tribunal for di Law of di Sea draw ocean boundary wey favour Ghana.

For their ruling, di judges say Ghana no commit any crime as dem don dey drill for oil dey go for di sea area.

Dis International Tribunal for di Law of di Sea na independent join-bodi of lawyers wey di UN make to put mouth, decide any matter between countries wey involve Sea.

Dis palava between di two West African neighbours no let Ghana develop di $6 billion offshore Tweneboa, Enyenra and Ntomme (TEN) oil fields.

But di tribunal talk for statement say: "all of us find say Ghana no violate di sovereign rights of Côte d'Ivoire."

Tori be say both countries go still need to change some things for di border wey dem share.

Na Ivory Coast first accuse Ghana say dem use their waka to develop their oil industry take cut comot some territory wey belong to Ivory Coast.

Na as Ivory Coast dey drag di TEN oil fields, na im force Ghana to run go meet di Tribunal to settle di matter.

How di case bin waka?

Dis matter don dey cause palava between Ghana and Ivory Coast, but na for February 2015 Ivory Coast tell di Tribunal say make dem stop Ghana from doing anything inside di oilfield area.

But on 25 April 2015 na im di Special Chamber of di Tribunal refuse to suspend Ghana waka on top oil, say if dem do so, e fit spoil di enviroment, plus other things.

Na so everybodi dey until hearings for di case start from 6 to 16 February 2017.

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