Nigeria: Sea pirates kill three for Bayelsa


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Bayelsa dey get fight-fight from time to time; for here, illegal oil refineries dey carry oil inside jerry cans to black market, on 11 April 2013

Na at least three people na im die, after militants launch ambush attack for Okoron community, inside Bayelsa State.

Di state police spokesman Asinim Butswat say di incident happen for weekend, after di sea pirates surprise policemen and civilians wey dey waka their own for di oil-rich southern Nigerian area.

Mr Butswat say na boat wey get policemen from di Nigerian Inland Waterways, di Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC), and ordinary people first suffer gunfire.

Another team arrive, and "dem rescue one policeman, three NSCDC personnel and four civilians... but one policeman, one NSCDC personnel and one civilian na im die for di hand of di sea pirates," na wetin im talk.

Mr Butswat confirm say one policeman still dey missing.

But other groups still dey give different reports about how many people die.

Desmond Agu wey be di Area NSCDC head, tell AFP say na two police officer and one NDSC officer die, while three other security personnel injure inside di attack. Meanwhile one Nigerian police officer still report to dem say na four security personnel na im di sea pirates kill.

Meanwhile, area people still say gunfight happen.

"We hear plenty-plenty gunshot...di dead-bodi of di security officers wey dem kill no dey with their rifles," na wetin one person tell AFP.

Tori be say no group don come out, say na dem dey responsible for di attack.