See as dis woman carry 9 months belle dey dance!

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London Ogunlano and her husband be professional dancers

One Nigerian man and im wife don dey trend for Internet, after dem do video wey bi say she carry belle wey don reach 41 weeks, dey dance well-well.

Wetin make people dey enjoy di video from Odun Ogunlano, and im wife London Ogunlano na because Mrs Ogunlana dey 41 weeks pregnant, and she dey jollificate, dey troway leg dey dance shake waist inside di video dey go.

Mr Ogunlano tell BBC Pidgin say di two of dem na performing artists, and as their daughter no gree comot belle after 41 weeks…dem feel say heavy dance go help di pickin.

My wife don dey dance since she pregnant to dey happy and dey in shape; Na when we comot doctor office on September 20 wey be di day she suppose born, na im her midwife say we baby go need come out soon," na wetin im talk.

Di professional drummer wey im wife be singer say: "we bin wan make pregnancy video wey go show our culture; African dance na something wey we dey enjoy, because we don dey perform since we bi pickin sef."

Image copyright Odun Ogunlano/Facebook
Image example Di Ogunlanos dey sing and perform for Yoruba, from their base for Georgia, USA

Mr Ogunlano still say even though dem dey based for America, na people from all over di world don dey send dem "message of encouragement, love and support."

Thousands dey hail Mrs Ogunlana; some say dem for no fit breathe, talkless of to begin dey dance with 41 weeks belle like her.

So far, na only one person don write for social media say im feel say di Ogunlanos fake di video, as her belle no big and im wife too dance.

"Na one woman wey say no way, no how, wey my wife go fit be 41 weeks; she say we fake di video to make people like us well-well."

Odun say dat one no funny.

Meanwhile, di video don go viral for social media, with more than 90,000 likes and thousands of shares on top Facebook.

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