See pregnant Mama wey sabi dance!
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US: Di viral dancing Mama born girl

US Mama and her husband wey break di Internet with their dance video don born baby girl.

Professional dancers, London Ogunlano and her husband, bin film di video on 23 September, and di thing waka far with hundreds of thousands of views for social media.

"Our baby girl don arrive; she weigh 7 pounds 2oz (3.2 kg)," na wetin Mr Ogunlano tell BBC News Pidgin.

Im say di new Mama dey sleep since, but "because of all dat dancing, di labour dey very fast and smooth."

Di thing fast sotay she dey labur for about four hours and she push for 16 minutes.

When BBC News Pidgin ask am if e get any word for their fans, Mr Ogunlano say im wan thank dem, and make di pregnant women wey talk to dem stay strong, and remember say "dancing fit make labour dey easy and fast."

Na as her pickin tanda inside belle refuse to comot, London Ogunlano and her husband Odun, begin dance strong dance, to see if baby girl go come out.

Mr Ogunlano tell BBC News Pidgin say thousands of people from all over di world dey hail im wife; some say dem for no fit breathe, talkless of to begin dey dance with 41 weeks belle like her.