Wetin dey make Southern Cameroon Vex?

People dey street with Cameroon flag. Image copyright REINNIER KAZE/Getty Images
Image example Di English Speaking Cameroonians dey protest discrimination.

No be today di people of Southern Cameroon start to dey vex.

Di problem start for 1919 after di end of di World War 1 when ''Kamerun'' den na German territory.

After di war wey French, British and Belgian forces win di Germans, dem come share di country between France and Britain.

Dem give Eastern Cameroon (di present people wey dey speak French ) to France and Western Cameroon (di present people wey dey speak English) to Britain.

British government administer im own from Nigeria as Northern and Southern Cameroon although dem no join am to Nigeria.

For January 1960, French Cameroon get im independence from France, come call imself Republic of Cameroon. Nigeria too get im independence for October same year.

Dem organise voting to ask di people of British Cameroon where dem wan go. Cameroon or Nigeria?

While di people wey dey Northern British Cameroon talk say dem go stay with Nigeria, di people wey dey Southern British Cameroon say dem dey go join di Republic of Cameroon.

Dis na di genesis of di problem.

Image copyright REINNIER KAZE/Getty Images
Image example Southern Cameroon people say dem feel marginalised

Two different parts wey no rhyme?

When British Southern Cameroon join di Republic of Cameroon wey France colonize, things no work as dem think say im go be.

Identity crisis wey affect dia values, culture, way of life and even di way government dey operate na di biggest thing wey di Southern Cameroonians dey fight for.

Language barrier join as Southern Cameroon dey speak English while di part of Cameroon wey France colonize dey speak French.

Recently protest happen for Cameroon because of di fact say dem dey send French teachers go English speaking part of Cameroon to teach subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Geography , History and others. Dis na just one example.

Dem get two different legal practices, West Cameroon wey be di Southern Cameroon people dey practice British Common Law and East Cameroon na Civil Law, and di two dey different.

Dem dey protest di imposition of French language for court matter, education and other areas.

Di Southern Cameroon feel say dem dey marginalized for di country, dem no dey represented for government and dem dey suffer discrimination that is why dem wan comot for Republic of Cameroon.

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