Angola: New President João Lourenço don enter office

João Lourenço as im dey sign

João Lourenço don enter office as new president of Angola.

Dem swear am in as president for ceremony wey happen for Luanda, Angola capital.

Joao Lourenco take di oath one month after di governing MPLA win di election.

Lourenço wey be former general don dey eye work as president since 1990s.

Di 63-year-old go take over from Jose Eduardo dos Santos wey don be leader of di oil-rich country for 38 years.

As Lourenço don come into power, e get things wey im go face for Angola like low oil price, poverty, unemployment and to change as dos Santos family don do di country.

Big things wey João Lourenço go face from today

Corruption dey ground

  • Angola get chance to dey successful but di country also need good government, na wetin sabi person Carlos Rosado de Carvalho tell news agency AFP. "Corruption dey Angola well-well, from oga for company, to di receptionist."
  • "Di president don do Angola to benefit im family and some of im friends," na wetin opposition journalist Rafael Marques de Moreas talk.
  • Some people feel say President Dos Santos and im family, and di big-big people for di ruling party wey be di Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) party, don chop di country money finish.
  • Di one wey vex others na when Dos Santos' daughter wey be Isabel Dos Santos, enter office as di head of the country oil company wey bi Sonangol, last year. Im son Jose Filomeno na im dey in charge of Angola sovereign wealth fund, while another daughter wey be Tchize dey siddon o top di political committee of di ruling party.
  • As all dis one dey happen, before im election last month na im Lourenço promise to fight corruption; im tell im supporters dat time say "corruption na big evil wey no go escape punishment...nobody dey above di law."

Lourenco go answer im own name?

  • Di main palava wey Lourenço dey face since beginning of election na whether im go dey act as servant for Dos Santos, as dat oen dey hold power tight since 38 years.
  • Tori be say Dos Santos don pack di security forces with people wey dey loyal to am, and im go dey in control of di ruling party MPLA until at least 2022.
  • But di day after im win election, Lourenço say im no go be boy-boy for Dos Santos: "I go get all di power. Dis country no go get two presidents," na wetin im talk.
  • Sabi people say dem no think say Lourenço go dey free like dat. Di question na if e go dey able to create some breathing space or not," na wetin Didier Peclard, from di University of Geneva tell AFP.
  • Others feel say Angola no go need to wait too long to know who really bi di president. E go keep Isabel as head of Sonangol? If e do am, then dat na proof say Dos Santos still dey run Angola," na how Benjamin Auge, from di French Institute of International Relations see di matter.
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Things you suppose know about Angola Election

Economy matter

  • Angola economy bin don dey get palava, as oil prices for world no dey too high. Dis one na because crude oil dey bring 70% of all di money wey Angola dey get, and all im foreign currency. Dis one mean say di country budget no dey always meet up.
  • Tori be say di way di country dey borrow money, and as jobs no too dey for people na some of di reasons why at least two million Angolans dey live on less than $2 a day.
  • Lourenco don already open mouth say im go open up di economy so dat money go dey come in from different areas, so dat Angola go get wetin im call "economic miracle."

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