British Airways: ' We dey investigate' social media video

BA Air hostess BBC Pidgin Image copyright SNAPCHAT
Image example British Airways don dey investigate di bad-bad word wey di woman talk for social media

Nigerians no dey happy with video wey claim say one British Airways hostess dey abuse dem; even as e never clear whether dis video na true.

British Airways just tell BBC News Pidgin say "as soon as we see dis video we don begin check am. We no go tolerate bad-bad comment about our customers and we must take action. We expect our staff to dey always dey professional when dem dey represent British Airways," na wetin di British Airways Press Office talk.

Na very early today na im di video enter social media; for inside, one lady wey wear uniform, claim say she dey work with di national carrier dey talk bad-bad word about Nigerians.

She say Nigerians too like to ask for meat, drink and seat upgrade. Tori be say British Airways dey investigate di matter, but some people don open mouth talk to BBC Pidgin for social media.

'She no lie...but'

E get some wey feel say no be insult di lady give Nigerians:

  • "Dis one no fit be real hostess. If she be hostess true-true, dem suppose don sack am. Sharply!! Wetin she talk no be lie...but no be everything we suppose talk." - Yetunde Ogungbesan Enendu
  • "To like meat no be offense. E vex me small as she dey copy how we dey talk, like say we be mumu. But she no lie; our men dem need more space." - Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha
  • "How she expect Naija to buy BA ticket, come go dey chop grass say na salad? E no pure na. We must chop meat or chicken! Meanwhile, our palava much. Me sef I know." - Adekunle Shotubo
Image copyright Omoze Edadagbon
Image example Omoze Edadagbon tell BBC Pidgin for social media say dis na di kain face wey she make when she first see dat video

'No be her fault'

One person vex say na Nigeria wey no get their own airline na im cause dis palava:

  • "No be pay Nigerians dey pay so? On top dat na insult we come get from hostess wey suppose serve passenger for plane. She chop craze?! Na dem price high pass odas. No be her fault, na Nigerian Airways wey no dey. She for know say Nigerians get sense. Cheap flight and enough "beef" must to dey." - Hauwa Lawan
  • "She no try. Even if passenger dey do anyhow, no be her mouth we suppose hear am." - Ronke Shitta

Nigerians suppose comot eye

E still get people wey feel say Nigerians get blame inside di matter:

  • "Make we talk true, plenty-plenty Nigerians dey give palava, especially when dem dey fly back home...I dey always see how di air hostesses dey get one kain look for face, when we dey enter plane."
  • "Everybody dey say make we boycott BA because one Junior staff yarn dust wey all of us dey do once in a while. Yes she no try as she yarn come post for social media.. besides who she be to insult us Nigerians? But no be everything wey we suppose notice. Na to jump as pass jare." - Cheska Nnoli

'Find her quick-quick!'

Some people no wan know whether di air hostess right or wrong...she say make British Airways put eye for di matter, fast.

  • "Even if say she talk true, who she be? Dem wan tell us say dem no no her? Dey better find her quick-quick!" - Omoze Edadagbon
  • "Money way dem dey make for Naija alone e reach make we collect pass upgrade! Abeg make her oga upgrade her punishment to sack level." - Alao Abayomi.