Apocalypse: 11 times world suppose end

People wey dey rally for US on top Harold Camping prediction for 2011 Image copyright EMMANUEL DUNAND
Image example People wey dey rally for US on top prediction by Harold Camping say di world go end on 2011

Days don pass since one writer wey be David Meade predict say di world go end on 23 September 2017 - dat one no happen.

But now, di writer don change mouth again, dey predict say di world go end on 21 October 2017.

According to Meade wey be Christian writer, dat na di date wey one planet wey im call "Planet X" go fall on top Earth, based some kind things wey Bible talk. Im say na dat same day "seven years" of war and disaster go start for di world.

As Mr Meade dey predict dis one, na im US National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA wey be group of scientist wey sabi everything about planet dem for dis world talk say all dis Planet X theory na lie.

NASA say "di planet wey David Meade dey talk about, Planet X or Niburu as some people dey call am, no dey exist, so nothing go even fall on top planet Earth."

Now people dey ask question, some dey even dey even search for Internet to know "which day di world go end?"

To answer dis question, e don reach 11 different times wey di world suppose end but dis one no happen.

All di times wey world for end

1. A.D. 66

Dat time na one Jewish religious group wey dem dey call Essenes predict say between di years AD 66-70, Jesus Christ go return for di second time and di world go end.

2. January 1, 1000

Catholic Pope Sylvester II, with some other Christian leaders bin predict say na year 999 on New Year eve na im di world go end but after many people park enter midnight mass for St. Peter's Basilica, 1 January 1000 appear but di world no end dat day.

3. A.D. 1284

Another pope, Innocent III predict say na year 1284 wey be 666 years after Islam region begin exist, na im di world go end. But im sef die 50 years before dat year so im no see say world continue.

4. February 1, 1524

For year 1523, one group of people wey say dem sabi see future inside London predict say di world go end on February 1 for di next year and na flood go end am.

5. 1666

After di plague, and Great Fire of London wey kill plenty people dat year, one religious group wey be di Fifth Monarchists talk say na for dat year di world go end, but e no be so.

6. May 19, 1780

For 1780, smoke from forest fire and heavy cloud make di sky dark for one whole day. Dis one make people for America dat time to dey think say di world don end.

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Image example Florence inside Italy, where some Popes don predict say world go end

8. 1936, 1943, 1972, and 1975

Herbert Armstrong wey be one of di first evangelist dem to dey preach for TV talk say rapture go happen for 1936, but im to surprise say e no happen. After dat one no work, Armstrong predict different times for 1943, 1972 and 1975 say rapture go happen but all of dem no follow.

9. January 1, 2000

Dat na di time wey Y2K bug reign wey be say people believe say all computers for world go quench on December 31, 1999 then di world go end. Na so dat day still come, still go; nothing happen. Even di computers sef no off.

10. April 29, 2007

Inside im book Di New Millennium, wey im write for 1990, wey bi Pat Robertson predict say di last day for dis world go be 29 April 2007 but dat one sef fail.

11. May 21, 2011

Di prediction wey popular pass on top when di world go end na di one wey Harold Camping predict for 21 May 2011. Im say Rapture go happen dat date den Judgement day go take place six months later, on October 21. When nothing happen for May, Camping claim say "Spiritual Judgment" don take place, and di Rapture and Judgement day would both happen for October. But October come waka pass dat year and no Rapture happen.

Now everybody finger dey crossed dey watch whether dis time di world go true-true end on 21 October 2017 but until then if person put eye for all dis prediction dem wey don fail di answer fit be say no body don know when and how di world go end.

Image copyright TIZIANA FABI
Image example Di Last Judgment foto on top one ancient buiding for Piazza del Popolo inside central Rome