Why Southern Cameroon wan comot

South Cameroon people gather
Wetin we call dis foto,

Plenty men and women still dey come out, even though government don try to stop di protests

One group for Southern Cameroon don talk say on 1 October, 2017 dem go send 5 million people from di whole region enter streets to celebrate dia freedom as a country.

Dem talk say na dat day dem go separate from di Cameroon government wey dey Yaoundé.

Tassang Wilfred, wey bi leader of di group wey dem call Southern Cameroon/Abazonia Governing Council, tell Daniel Semeniworima of BBC News Pidgin this one for Tuesday.

Im talk say, "I fit tell you say at least 3 lawmakers out of di 35 wey dey represent us for French Cameroon parliament for Yaoundé, don resign."

As im claim dis one so, BBC News Pidgin never fit confirm say wetin im talk na true.

Southern Cameroon/Abazonia Governing Council na di join body of people wey dey organize di demonstration dem for di region wey be place for Anglophone Cameroonians (people wey dey speak English inside Cameroon).

But di thing be say Cameroon government don ban dis group tey-tey.

According to Mr Wilfred, plenty more lawmakers go resign to show say dem don ready to free demself from Cameroon.

Meanwhile Cameroon authorities don talk say di unity of di country dey important and dem no go negotiate am.

Na since last year na im wahala on top discrimination for political and economic matter wey concern lawyers and teachers inside Southern Cameroon start so tey activists for dia begin vex dey demonstrate.

Wetin we call dis foto,

English speaking lawyers for Cameroun dey protest

As dis one dey happen, United States government don advise dia citizens wey wan travel go Cameroon to dey careful because of di palava.

Di travel warning from U.S. Embassy for Yaoundé follow di 22 September 2017 protest wey happen for Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, and other places for north-west and south-west region of Cameroon.

Thousands of people from di English-speaking region dem vex enter street to demand for freedom to form dia own country and make government release activists from di area wey police arrest.

Na so di protesters dey drag down di national flag of Cameroon replace am with wetin dem call Ambazonia flag, wey bi di flag dem wan use form dia own country.