US: Wetin Trump border wall fit look like?

El paso wall
Image example Part of di current fence wey dey near El Paso, Texas, US

US President Donald Trump enter world tori during im campaign last year, when im promise to build long wall along di US-Mexico border.

Dis border lands dem dey for west Texas. For dat area, di only water wey person fit see na di Rio Grande, one big river wey dey separate Mexico and di United States.

As soon as US start dis border wall plan, na more than 200 companies na im bin run to di Department of Homeland Security to submit their design, so dat dem go get di contract.

Dem no understand

"I no think say people understand say di border na very big place. For my area alone I get 820 miles (1,320km)," na wetin Congressman Will Hurd tell BBC.

Dis politician from di same Republican party know some things about security. For almost ten years im work for US Central Intelligence Agency for di Middle East, Afghanistan and other places.

But now, im don find imself for home, dey oppose di president of im own party.

"To build wall from sea to shining sea na di most expensive and least effective way to do border security," Mr Hurd say.

E feel say instead, make US put money to improve investigation of gangs wey dey smuggle drugs and make dem hire extra agents to patrol di border, with more camera and other security equipment.