Togo: People dey run go Ghana to escape anti-government protest palava

People wey dey protest for Togo Image copyright Getty Images
Image example People dey protest because Togo president, Faure Gnassingbe and im Papa don dey power since 50 years

Ghana officials don raise alarm say many Togolese people don dey run from border dey come; because dem dey fear for their life and di palava wey fit happen because of anti-government protest for Togo.

Opposition parties dem don plan say everything for Togo go shut-down on Friday 29 September.

Na Paddy Tetter, of di Ghana Refugee Board say di first set of people don dey enter since 20 September, and although di number don dey reduce, more people wey dey fear still dey run come Ghana.

"Dem dey close to 300," na wetin im tell AFP.

Most of di Togo people bin dey di northern district of Chereponi, wey dey close to east border of Ghana.

Chereponi chief executive Abdul Razak Tahiru tell sabi people say dem don give di refugees food, mats, bed and mosquito net.

"For di demonstrations wey happen for Mango (northern Togo), dem dey beat dem, and dem don decide to run comot so dat dem no go die," na wetin local media say Mr Tahiru talk.

Di security force try to stop di protest for Mango and at least one person don die and more than 20 don dey injured, according to official information.

Togo Protest: Wetin we know

Tori be say di pressure don dey too much because di people dey see say another demonstration go happen.

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Togo Protest: Watch as things happen

Why dem dey run?

Na at least 100,000 Togo people na im don dey enter streets in di past weeks, to say dem want make President Faure Gnassingbe resign, as im don dey power since 2005.

E take over from im papa, Gnassingbe Eyadema, wey rule Togo for 38 years from 1967; so dis people don add all together, dey vex, say dem don tire for one family to dey rule dem for 50 years.

For di last few days, "di military punish" people for middle of night of 20 - 21 September, na wetin Togo opposition member Brigitte Adjamagbo-Johnson talk.

But Togo presidency don blame di people wey dey do protest, say authorities no give approval for demonstration inside di area.

At least four people don die since di start of di protest for August. Opposition party and civil society group dem say many people injure for north side of Togo.

Wetin dem say dem want na make Gnassingbe resign, make di country constitution change, to limit di number of presidential term to two.

Dis na wetin dey make dem wan enter street again on Friday 29 September.

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