Cameroon: We no send 100,000 Nigeria refugees go back

Refugee people for camp Image copyright REINNIER KAZE
Image example 13,000 Nigeria refugees na im dem send back from Minawao camp for Cameroon

Cameroon don deny wetin one human rights group talk, say dem force about 100,000 Nigerian refugees to return back to dia country.

Dis kind action dey against international agreement, and e put di refugee for inside more danger from Boko Haram terrorists na wetin Human Rights Watch bin talk.

But Cameroon government talk-talk person Issa Tchiroma Bakary say no bi wetin happen be dat.

"Dis report no get any basis," na wetin Bakary talk as e order "formal and categorical denial."

Human Rights Watch (HRW) for dia report bin say Nigerians wey cross border to dey safe no suppose dey forced to return because of Islamist violence, as dem don face abuse, attack and even sexual palava from soldiers.

"I go like to remind Human Rights Watch of two things. First one, today we get almost 500,000 refugees for our country...second one, Cameroon no suppose dey take in refugees from around di world," Bakary bin tell AFP.

Conditions for di only official camp for Nigerians dey poor, free movement no too dey and dem no gree di refugee to contact UN officials, na wetin di group talk.

"Since early 2015, di total number of Nigeria people wey Cameroonian authorities don deport back to Borno state reach at least 100,000. Dis na Nigeria people wey dey live for far area close to di border. To do dis deportations, Cameroonian soldiers go always use physical force wey dey harsh." Dis word na according to di human rights group.

Na HRW still add say e dey "against di principle of non-refoulement", wey bi say person no fit force refugee to back to country wey dem fit face danger or suffering.

'Na lie'

Cameroon deny everything finish.

Mr Bakary say: "di allegation say (our soldier dem) torture and do sexual aggression na shameful lie."

E say soldiers "don get moral training before dem go for operation" and dem "know say anyone we catch (wey disobey) go get punishment."

"Until time when dem catch one soldier say e dey do sexual assault, all dis na for di mind of Human Rights Watch people dem," na how e finish im government response.

Na United Nations refugee agency last year beg all governments say make dem no return anyone to northeast Nigeria "until di security and human rights situation don improve."

But tori be say for April and May dis year, e reach 13,000 refugees na im dem send back from di Minawao camp, wey dey far north region of Cameroon, to di border town of Banki, for Nigeria.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori