Cameroon don pursue 100,000 Nigerian refugees - Rights group

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Image example Many people dey run from Boko Haram attack for Nigeria go countries like Cameroon and Niger

Human Rights Watch say Cameroon dey break international agreement wey dem sign as dem dey pursue refugees go back Nigeria.

Na 100,000 Nigerian refugees don go back dia country since 2015 according to Human Rights Watch, wey be people wey dey chook eye on top rights matter.

Boko Haram militants dey attack North East Nigeria, and na dis one make people wey dey live there dey run go Cameroon.

Cameroon don reject dis kind accusation before, dem say Nigerians dey go back dia country on dia own.

Cameroon also been say Boko Haram dey disguise like refugees enter di country.

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Why Southern Cameroon wan comot

Di rights group say dem interview 61 people wey return from Cameroon, wey talk about di bad bad things dem experience as refugees and as soldiers take dey deport refugees wey dey escape Islamist fight fight.

Dem say di soldiers no dey do am small small, dem dey attack di refugees physically and sexually.

One 43-year-old man from Borno state tell di Human Rights Watch say im brother die from internal bleeding after Cameroonian soldiers beat im brother with stick.

"Dem disgrace us like animals, come beat us like say we be slaves.'' Im talk.

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Image example Cameroon say Boko Haram members dey enter di country as refugees

Wetin dey make Southern Cameroon Vex?

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Why e dey happen?

Boko Haram activity for Northern Cameroon don dey increase since 2013. Human Rights Watch believe say Cameroon military see di thousands of refugees from Nigeria as threat to dia security.

Dem believe say dem dey punish refugees for Boko Haram attacks.

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