Uganda: Parliament don scatter over age limit law

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Chairs just dey fly for air up and down for inside Uganda parliament as lawmakers dey debate on top age limit.

Uganda parliament members don dey try to debate how to remove di presidential age limit wey mean say anybody wey dey over 75 years old no fit run for president.

Some people say if di law change, then e go allow President Yoweri Museveni to run for another term, even though e don already siddon inside office for over 30 years.

But katakata bust for inside di parliament as some people dey claim say one member carry gun enter di chamber.

Di speaker order say make dem search everywhere but nobody see gun.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni Image copyright Reuters
Image example President Museveni don dey rule since 1986 before dem elect am again as president for 1996.

Wetin be di koko of di matter?

Di ruling party, wey be di National Resistance Movement (NRM), don dey try introduce new law wey go change di constitution.

For 2005 dem remove law wey say na only two-terms presidents fit do. Dis one allow President Museveni contest and win third term.

Di current constitutional age limit wey dey now no favour am to contest again for another term for di 2021 elections.

Wahala start for di parliament after di speaker allow make dem present di constitutional amendment.

Tori wey we gather say e take like 20 minutes before everything calm down.

Image copyright Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty images

Earlier, police fire tear gas give some protesters wey gather for di capital Kampala even before dem start di debate.

Police also report say dem arrest one senior opposition member figure wey dey try mobilise protesters.

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