Nigeria: Lagos don open DNA lab

Lab technician dey handle sputum samples for APOPO training facility for Morogoro. Image copyright CARL DE SOUZA
Image example Lagos State government say di lab go help solve paternity cases

Di way dem go take dey solve crime for Lagos, Nigeria, don enter another level now as government don open DNA and forensic analysis centre.

Lagos State government talk say dis new centre go help to solve things like crime, help determine who be papa/mama of pickin and other issues as dem go begin do forensic analysis there.

Lagos State governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, wey open di place, on Wednesday, talk say e go dey provide service like "screening of blood and semen; analyse DNA of bone, teeth and hair, mass disaster human identification," and others.

Image example Di lab na di first wey government go own for West Africa

How DNA test dey work?

When dem wan test who born pickin or do forensic and genetic test, dem dey look for wetin resemble genetic markers wey dey between two biological samples.

All cells for human body contain di same DNA, so dem fit take sample from anywhere for body, whether na skin, hair, blood or other fluid wey dey comot from body.

If dem dey suspect person for one crime for instance, dem fit ask forensic scientist to compare DNA skin cells wey dem find under di finger of di person wey dem attack, with di DNA from blood sample of di person wey dem suspect.

How accurate DNA tests dey?

E dey easy to tell if DNA from two samples no match. But if e match no mean say na 100 per cent say di two samples come from di same person.

Small chance dey always dey say two different people "genetic marker" fit be di same, especially if dem dey related.

To reduce say make error no dey inside, scientist dey use more than one genetic marker. Di more di identical markers dey accurate, di more accurate di test dey.

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