Which right refugee get?

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Image example Most refugees dey suffer discrimination for countries wey dem run go

Di 1951 convention wey relate to di status of refugees and another one, di 1967 Optional Protocol, nai be di ones wey dey control refugee law.

Di convention define who refugee be as well as di right wey dem get. As e be, different human rights agreements for different regions don change di definition to rhyme with different refugee crisis wey di 1951 convention no cover.

So who be refugee?

Article 1(A)(2) of di 1951 Convention talk say "refugee be person wey dey outside di country wey dem born am or di country where im dey live, wey no wan go back because im dey fear say dem go treat am bad bad because of im race, religion, nationality, political opinion or say im belong to one social group."

Some countries see say dis definition no too cover as fight fight dey cause many people to run leave dia house.

So Article 3 of di Cartegena Declaration and Article 1(2) of di 1969 OAU Convention come extend refugee status to cover people wey dey run from dia country or where dem dey stay to go seek refuge for another country because of activities wey disturb public order, external aggression or foreign show of power.

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Image example Many countries dey struggle to accept di number of refugee wey dey come dia country.

Wetin countries like Cameroon get right to do?

Under refugee law, countries get responsibility to make sure say dem no pursue refugees go place where dia life or freedom dey threatened.

E fit be either because of dia race, religion, nationality or say dem belong to one social group or say dem hold one political opinion.

But di 1951 Convention no spell out how countries go use take determine whether person wey dey seek refugee status for dia country meet di criteria, na countries hand dat one dey to determine am.

Dis one don cause many differences between countries laws, as governments dey determine dia own asylum laws based on dia own capability, security concern, history and migration issues.

Countries like Cameroon wey dey try control di number of refugees wey dey enter dia country get right to control di presence of people wey no belong to dia country.

Dem also get right to stop some people from coming or even to remain dia including people wey dem see as threat, including Boko Haram.

But dem also get duty to investigate any attack wey happen for di country by Cameroon people or suspected Boko Haram members.

Cameroon also dey bound by im own laws and international law not to limit people wey wan seek asylum or to stop freedom of movement for refugees.

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