Africa get di highest abortion for world

doll baby wey dem take do anti-abortion campaign Image copyright Getty/AFP

Africa get di highest number of abortions wey no safe for di whole world.

Na almost half of di almost 55.7 million abortions wey dey happen every year na im dey unsafe. Dis na wetin researchers talk for study wey dem write inside medical journal wey bi The Lancet.

Between 25 million unsafe abortions na im dey happen every year, from 2010 to 2014, according to report from di World Health Organization (WHO) and di Guttmacher Institute.

Tori be say na like 97% of these dangerous abortions dey happen for Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Na dis one dey make di number of women wey dey die from abortion dey high for di continent.

For many African countries, na less than 15% of all dis operation dem wey dey remove belle na im meet basic medical standards.

"Most of di unsafe abortions for Africa na wetin we categorise as 'least safe,' and dem connect with high rates of death," di researchers talk for statement.

"Wetin we find out be say di biggest number of safe abortions dey happen inside countries wey dey very developed," na wetin Bela Ganatra, wey dey with WHO talk.

Ganatra na one those wey write di study.

"We go like make people fit get safe abortions wey law sef support am well-well, especially for areas where people no too get money," Ganatra still add put.