Cameroon: Security forces dey clash with protesters

Lawyers for Cameroon dey demonstrate for road Image copyright ERIC SHU
Image example For Cameroon di people wey dey speak English no reach those wey dey speak French

Tension don full Cameroon as paramilitary and police don use tear-gas take scatter demonstrators for English-speaking side of di country.

Activists for Bamenda and Buea bin call for protest say government no treat dem well; tori be say di protesters also bin wan use today as their independence day

BBC tori person wey bi Frederic Takang, say word dey ground say big fire happen for one prison in Kumbo, north of Bamenda; but BBC still dey try check, to confirm wetin really dey happen.

Some people say na mutiny, where soldiers wan begin dey vex, while others say e be like say people wey dey vex wan release their people from prison.

All dis one dey happen as Cameroon bin don ban public meetings and travel mainly for di English-speaking region because of people wey dey plan protest to demand independence for di area.

Di government for one of Cameroon Anglophone regions also bin close their border with Nigeria dis weekend.

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Small history about Cameroon

Anglophone region na wetin dem dey call area where people dey speak only English.

Na for statement di Southwest region governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, say di border go close from 9pm on Friday 29 September till 7am on Monday 2 October, because of wetin dem call threats wey don dey go on to scatter di country by "people wey dey outside di national territory."

Di order also ban transport and any waka inside di city, and any activity for port during di period. Also, not more than four people suppose gather for any public place.

E no dey clear whether dis kind restriction go dey for Northwest Cameroon wey bi another Anglophone region.

Dis palava don mean say di government of President Paul Biya don get new challenge, even as im dey face international criticism for di wey e respond to di demonstrations.

UN dey worry

Na for inside statement on 28 September di U.N. spokesman Secretary-General Antonio Guterres say im dey very concerned about tension wey di 2 October demonstration fit cause, and e encourage di government make dem listen to complain wey dey come from di mouth of di Anglophone area people.

"Di Secretary-General dey in support of unity and territorial integrity of Cameroon and encourage all parties make dem no do anything wey fit come turn into tension and violence," na wetin di statement talk.

Di separation of di country language don dey since di end of World War One, when di League of Nations bin divide di former German colony of Kamerun between di French and British victors.

After independence for 1960, di ones wey dey speak English agree to join French Cameroon, instead of Nigeria.

Wetin bin don dey happen?

Image example Cameroon protests fit happen anytime, for dis last days of September

Di move dey come after dem increase di crackdown on top protests; something wey don last many months.

Di protests dem first begin because English speakers say dem no dey get good opportunity inside di country as na mostly people wey dey speak French dey there.

Tori be say security forces kill six protesters and arrest hundreds of other people, after lawyers and teachers demand say make things change last year.

On top dat one, from January to April dis year, dem come shut down Internet for Anglophone region.

Di Anglophone region bin get strong connection to eastern Nigeria, and authorities dey fear say if di border remain open during di protest, di protesters go get another place from where dem fit get support and dat one fit make am hard to maintain order.

Anglophone activist dem dey demand for another protest on 1 October, after thousands carry their protest enter street last week, sotay some of dem even carry flag wey dey different from Cameroon flag.

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