China: Scientists comot disease from pickin wey dem never born

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Researchers for Sun Yat-sen University for China don use one technique wey dem call base editing to remove disease from inside DNA.

Dis one mean say, even if di parent get di disease for inside blood, di pickin wey im go born no go get am.

Di scientists dem change embryo wey dem make for inside laboratory to remove di disease beta-thalassemia.

Dis disease na serious blood problem wey dey cause Anemia, which mean say di red blood cells for your body no complete and e fit dey make you faint.

Junjiu Huang, one of di researchers, tell BBC News say: "Na we be di first to show say e dey possible to use base editor system cure disease wey pickin dem dey inherit."

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Image example Some countries don ban research ontop human embryo

Wetin be base editing?

Base editing na one kain gene-editing wey dey change di things for inside DNA.

All di things wey person get for body wey we dey use to grow and function dey inside DNA.

Scientists use base editing dey change how di thing arrange so dem go fit remove anything wey no dey normal as e suppose be.

Dis na wetin di Chinese scientists do, dem chook eye inside DNA to find di mistake, come change am to correct one.

Di scientists say dis na opportunity to treat people and make sure say dem no born pickins with disease wey dem carry from dia parents.

However, no be everybody like di idea.

Some people don talk say e no good make people dey chook hand inside DNA dey change wetin dem no suppose change.

Some countries like Germany sef don ban research on top human embryo.

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