Togo: 'We go secure those wey no protest'

Protesters for street of Togo Image copyright COREY SIPKIN/Getty Images
Image example People for Togo dey protest because di Gnassingbe family don rule for 50 years

Even as Togo opposition members dey prepare for big protests wey dem plan for di capital of Lome, government don say make di people no try am; say e go better make dem tanda for house.

Na Minister of Security Yark Damhane say Friday suppose be normal day; make people go work, and face their business.

Local media report say na for inside statement na im di minister claim say threats don dey follow people wey fit choose not to come out for di 29 September protest.

Mr Damhane say di government go "secure" those wey no go protest, but go work.

"We wan remind all di civil servants, Togolese people, say Friday na working day just like any other day. Make everybodi free to waka as dem like, and civil servants free to work."

So far, na 100,000 Togo people na im don dey enter streets, to say dem want make President Faure Gnassingbe resign, as im don dey power since 2005, and im sef collect president chair from im Papa hand, meaning say one family don rule Togo for 50 years.

Togo: 300 don run from fight, enter Ghana

"Dead Togo"

Tori bi say di name of today protest na "dead Togo," and na opposition leaders say dem dey do am to remember those wey die for north side of di country, during demonstrations for di last few weeks.

Since beginning of di week na im 14 opposition parties don tanda for dis area of di country, as dem dey prepare for wetin dem don call "shutdown" protest.

Na at least 300 Togo people na im don dey run for their life enter Ghana, because of di fight-fight wey dey follow dis demonstrations.

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