Nigeria: How Boko Haram destroy 1,400 schools

BOKO HARAM BBC PIDGIN Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis na wetin remain of di Federal Government College for Buni Yadi, more than three years after Boko Haram attack di school

E pass half of di schools for inside Borno State, Nigeria wey still dey closed, because of fight-fight and attacks from terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Na di chief of United Nations dem child agency wey be UNICEF talk dis one.

Justin Forsyth, wey be UNICEF dem deputy executive director, tell BBC Newsday talk-talk programme say na 57% of schools na im don destroy finish.

Mr Forsyth dey talk from Maiduguri, wey be di state capital; im say na all di fighting and as people don run scatter, na im dey cause all dis one.

Another thing wey UNICEF talk be say di Boko Haram militants dem dey like to enter schools.

Tori full ground about how dem dey enter school, collect pickin by force, or even kill dem too.

Even though di new school year start dis month, plenty teachers no dey di area.

Inside all dis eight years of fight-fight, e pass 2,295 teachers wey don die, and na another 19,000 of dem wey no get anywhere to stay again.

On top of that, na almost 1,400 schools Boko Haram dem don destroy.

Mr Forsyth say Nigeria go "need to rebuild di schools dem and employ new teachers, come encourage dem to go to all these areas."

E say all dis one dey necessary, because as things be, na like three million children na im need education quick-quick.

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