Spain: Why dem fit no like Catalonia independence

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Spanish government don dey high alert; dem send thousands of extra police go Catalonia today, as those ones dey prepare to vote whether to get Independence from Spain on October 1.

Dis special vote na wetin dem dey call independence referendum.

Even as Spain government don ban Catalonia from dis referendum, their regional government say make all di schools wey dey for di region open on Sunday 31 September, as dem wan use dem as voting stations.

Spanish government say di referendum no suppose happen because e dey against di law.

Why Spain no gree

Catalonia na di economic power house for Spain. Na di region rich pass, as na im get companies pass for Spain.

Tori bi say if dem waka, di economic blow fit dey too much for di country.

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Image example No be only companies; Catalonia also get very busy port and na better place for tourists

No be only Catalonia want independence; Spain get 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities.

Dis autonomous something na when area inside country get some freedom to control dia own mata for government and other areas.

If Catalonia waka, autonomous region like Basque Country go want independence too.

Catalonia language and culture no resemble Spanish at all.

Also, many Catalans believe say central government need to treat dem better; Spain agree with dem say no be everybodi for Catalan want independence from Spain.

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