South Africa dey continue ultimate search for five lions

People still dey wonder how di lion dem take escape. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example People still dey wonder how di lion dem take escape.

South Africa still dey look for di five lions wey do 'prison break' run comot from where dem been keep dem and enter town for Fochville wey dey just 60 kilometre outside Johannesburg.

No be small thing as di whole community don begin dey fear so tey na specialists na im dem wan use take catch di lions as di mater don pass police power.

Di specialist don try plenty method to trick di lions come outside so dat dem go fit catch dem. Dey play one recording of Warthog wey dey die for middle of di night, put camera for around di area and even bring dia best food come but di lions wey normally suppose come out to find food, no show.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example To catch one lion no easy, what of five?

Different report dey fly say dem see di lions for di middle of di small town and for farms.

Three days ago one man-Hendrick Mthunzi wey dey stay around di area, say fear catch am as e see one of di lion as im dey ride bicycle go visit im friend.

E don reach nine weeks now wey dis community dey for serious fear because of di five lions wey dey waka freely as kings as dem like.

E dey hard for di police to track di lions as e be say no be bush dem dey. E still dey surprise plenty people how dem take find dia way come di community.

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