Nigeria say Cameroon need action

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Image example Many people dey run from Boko Haram attack for Nigeria go countries like Cameroon and Niger

Nigeria don raise alarm, say now na di time for di join-bodi of West African countries to take action against Cameroon, over tori say dem deport at least 4,402 Nigerian refugees by force so far since dis year start.

The refugees bin dey run from attacks by Boko Haram militants for northeast side of Nigeria.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa wey be di Senior Special Assistant to Nigeria President on top Foreign Affairs and Diaspora matter talk for statement say make ECOWAS and other groups begin put eye on top their neighbour.

She say: "dis harsh face wey Cameroon dem soldier dey take handle Nigerian asylum seekers dey really worry," even though both countries bin don dey relate well before-before.

Mrs Dabiri-Erewa bin dey respond to report wey Human Rights Watch (HRW) release on 20 September way say refugees dey "forced into like animals."

Human Rights Watch still say since early 2015, na at least 100,000 refugees na im Cameroon don deport by force, while for di first seven months of 2017, na 4,402 refugees dem don comot, and most of dem na women and pickin dem.

But Cameroon don deny everything wey dey inside di HRW report.

Cameroon don ban independence protest

All dis one dey happen as Cameroon sef don close their southeast border with Nigeria, because of demonstrations by English speaking Cameroonians wey wan form their own country.

Mrs Dabiri-Erewa say di one wey Cameroon need to stop na how dem say still add say Cameroon need to look tori say soldiers dey beat, arrest and torture refugees, before dem drop dem back to area where dem still fit continue to face attack from Boko Haram.

Na for March na im Cameroon take hand sign agreement with Nigeria and di United Nations refugee agency wey be UNHCR - Cameroon bin promise to make sure say refugees return by demself, as dem lik.

Na dis agreement na im Mrs Dabiri-Erewa say make Cameroon follow' she talk say if Cameroon bin obey UN, dey protect refugees wey dey run to safe place, then dem no suppose dey return dem to Nigeria anyhow.

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